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Over the head

Over the head, or headband headsets, offer a versatile set of available features. Including stereo speakers, different microphone types and adjustable forms. Lightweight models make the headset feel like it’s not even there.

Over the ear

Many over the ear headsets are wireless, with connection types like Bluetooth and DECT. Bluetooth headsets may let you carry conversations from an office phone to a cell phone, while DECT headsets offer secure, long-range wireless transmissions.


Over the head, over the ear, behind the neck… the wearable style is up to you with a convertible headset. Choose the right fit and comfort level for your hands-free telephony, all without sacrificing any features.


Single speaker

Leave one ear open with a monaural headset. Agents can listen to callers through one ear and hear office personnel through the other ear, all without having to take off the headset.


Dual speakers

Both ears are covered with a binaural headset. These headsets provide stereo audio for optimal sound quality. Covering both ears also helps to keep the agent engaged so background noise becomes less distracting.


Background noise cancellation is embedded in either the hardware or software of the headset. Noise cancelling technology lets the microphone only pick up audio from the headset’s user, blocking background sounds from interfering with the call.

Non-Noise Cancelling

Noise cancellation technology is not necessary for quiet office environments. Loud call centers and similar environments benefit from noise cancellation, while subdued workplaces would not receive many advantages.

Wired Connection

Make sure that the headset’s connector is compatible with the phone, computer or telephony source. Wired connection types include Quick Disconnect, 3.5mm, direct connection, USB, etc. Adapters are available, as well.

Wireless Connection

Wireless headsets are usually connected to the phone source from a wired base. The wireless headset communicates to the base via Bluetooth, DECT or other formats. These headsets offer mobility, but require recharging.

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    Headsets ASAP categories its products by their connection type and brand. Browse our full selection of wireless or wired headsets, including Bluetooth and Quick Disconnect headsets. View the latest products from Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser and VXi.

  • Quick Disconnect

    Wired headsets have connectors that plug into the audio source—for example, a 3.5mm connector for a sound card or a USB connector for a computer. “Quick disconnect” is a type of connector that does not plug directly into the audio source. Rather, the connector requires an adapter to plug into the source.

    One end of the adapter will be compatible with the audio source, while the other end will be quick disconnect. The headset and adapter are coupled together, creating a natural break in the wired headset’s cord.

    Quick disconnect is becoming a universal standard for professional headsets, meaning there is more support for this connector type. The adapters allow the headset to be used with nearly any connection type (3.5mm, USB, etc.).

    This is also an ideal connection type because if the headset is accidentally pulled away from the audio source, the cord “breaks,” eliminating harm to the devices or the person.

  • Headset Guides

    Manufacturers frequently test their headsets for compatibility with leading phones, softphones and phone systems. Compare the brands listed below to your existing telephony solution.

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